12 best restaurants in Rostov-on-don

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

A major industrial, scientific, educational, and cultural center in the South of the country turned 270 years old this year. This is quite a bit compared to the history of many other Russian cities. But in just two and a half centuries, it has grown from a small fortress to one of the largest and most populous megacities. Local residents are proud of their city and are happy to welcome visitors who come here. Tourists have a lot to see. There are a lot of attractions.

But you can feel the real flavor and hospitality by visiting gastronomic establishments and tasting dishes prepared by the best chefs of the country. Which one to choose from among the many located in the city? Our experts suggest to get acquainted with 12 restaurants, which both in the opinion of Rostov residents and according to the reviews of tourists are recognized as the best today. When compiling the list, many factors were taken into account: location, cuisine, menu, interior, contingent, music, prices.

Rating of the best restaurants in Rostov-on-don

Category place Restaurant rating
Rating of the best restaurants in Rostov-on-don 1 Onegin Dacha 5.0
2 Pinot Noir 4.9
3 BOEMI 4.8
4 Cossack Kuren 4.7
5 Bellucci 4.6
7 Matador Grill 4.4
8 Yalla 4.3
9 Joy 4.2
10 Steak house Royce 4.1
11 Cinema system 4.0
12 Samovar 3.9

Onegin Dacha

12 best restaurants in Rostov-on-don

In the first place – an institution that is included in the TOP 10 best restaurants in the South of Russia and the TOP 100 best restaurants in the country. This success was due to a combination of many factors. Guests get into the atmosphere of comfort and love from the doorstep. Here you can sit in one of the 3 halls, each of which has its own mood. In the winter garden, you can sit and relax among the beautiful tropical vegetation. Friends gather in the library to spend the evening socializing. In the fireplace room, you can relax while looking at the beautiful hearth.

Another favorite place of visitors was the summer terrace. The interior resembles the country houses described by A. S. Pushkin in the great work that gave the name to the Rostov institution. The restaurant specializes in European and Russian cuisine. A young but already experienced chef treats creating dishes like a science. Despite the high cuisine, the average check is quite affordable and amounts to 2000 rubles.

While parents enjoy their meals, children can play in the specially equipped area. Many people say that this is one of the most unique places in the city. Guests are welcome at the following address: 45B Chekhov Ave., Rostov-on-don. The restaurant is open from 9.00 to 00.00. It closes 1 hour later on Fridays and Saturdays. You can book a table by phone: +7863201 80 00.

Pinot Noir

12 best restaurants in Rostov-on-don

The second place is occupied by an institution specializing in French cuisine. The small hall is designed for 40 guests, which is associated with cozy classic restaurants in Paris. The interior is very refined. Handmade furniture, a chandelier and a large Renaissance mirror were created by Italian craftsmen. The outdoor veranda is kept cool by a special cooling system in summer and heated in autumn.

In the kitchen, a young but already well-known chef from France creates. He worked in Michelin-starred restaurants in his own country. The menu is very extensive. Meat-eaters, vegetarians, and vegans will find their dishes to taste. Desserts will not leave any sweet tooth indifferent. Here you can try dishes based on authentic recipes, and you can enjoy the great taste of food according to the author’s technology of Michel Christmann. Only fresh ingredients are used for cooking.

Another undoubted plus is the rich wine list, which includes more than 300 names. In the evenings, live music is played, and guest stars of theater and cinema perform, who are in a hurry to meet not only local residents, but also guests of Rostov-on-don. The restaurant is located on Pushkinskaya street, 25. It is open every day from 10.00 to 00.00. Contact phone: 8863240 81 38.


12 best restaurants in Rostov-on-don

On the third line there is a restaurant where you can taste dishes of Serbian national cuisine. The interior is calm, created in a Mediterranean style. Boemi means “Bohemian”. This is exactly how every user is treated here. The restaurant has not only a chef from Serbia, but also his entire team. Even the waiters are from this country. Very popular dishes with interesting names: muckalica, pleskavitsa, karađorđe.

The European country is famous for its meat delicacies. It is according to traditional recipes that they are prepared in the center of Rostov-on-don. Fish and seafood lovers will also not go hungry. Another unusual feature for Russian visitors is large portions. In addition to Serbian cuisine, the menu offers Croatian, European and international dishes. In the alcohol list you can find drinks from any manufacturer, but especially popular are Balkan wines and the legendary fruit vodka.

The restaurant is a huge success with local residents, who advise all tourists coming to the don to visit it. It’s easy to find. The restaurant is located on Pushkinskaya street, 48 and is open from 11 to 23.00. All questions can be asked to the administrator at the phone number: 8863267 52 55.

Cossack Kuren

12 best restaurants in Rostov-on-don

The fourth was a restaurant located on the territory of the ataman’s estate. Every tourist knows that to visit Rostov-on-don and not find out how real Cossacks live is to miss the most important thing. “Cossack Kuren” has become a hallmark of the region. Homely atmosphere, excellent food, hospitality and friendly staff-all this awaits big and small visitors. A separate menu has been developed for children. There are outdoor playgrounds on site. In the premises – special areas for kids.

On the threshold of all meets a Cossack woman with a treat. The hall is a hut where a cradle hangs, there is a Holy corner with icons, there is a metal bed and many authentic household items. Many details of the interior are created by the hands of local craftsmen. The menu combines native Russian dishes with don ones. It offers a wide selection of meat and fish delicacies, homemade desserts and drinks. Large display Windows allow you to admire the vast expanses of the don.

On the street there are cozy gazebos, fountains, wells. Every day you can listen to live performances of the Cossack choir. In the evening, a group with an extensive repertoire performs on stage. The restaurant is located at the address: Rostov-on-don, Levoberezhnaya str., 5. it is open every day from 12 PM to 00.00. you can Reserve a table by calling: +7863256 40 32.


12 best restaurants in Rostov-on-don

Fifth in the review is a restaurant recognized as the best place with Italian cuisine in Rostov-on-don. The chef’s original approach to cooking traditional dishes makes you come here again and again. And not only that attracts the visitors. The warm, friendly atmosphere even in winter creates the feeling of a Sunny country. Visitors are accommodated in the main hall or on an enclosed veranda. From April to October, a summer Playground is open, where you can comfortably sit wrapped in a warm blanket, with a temperature-maintaining, air-heating system.

The interior is luxurious and elegant, decorated in warm colors. It completely conveys the flavor of Italy, so when you go to a restaurant, from the center of Rostov-on-don, you seem to immediately get to this country. The menu is very diverse. Lots of seafood dishes. There is also something to eat for vegetarians. The wine list includes the best specimens produced in different parts of Italy.

Many visitors note the high quality of service that meets international standards. Bellucci is located at 122 Bolshaya Sadovaya street. It is open from 12 to 00.00. It closes an hour later on Fridays and Saturdays. It is advisable to book a table in advance by calling the phone number: 8 863300 92 18.


12 best restaurants in Rostov-on-don

On the sixth line is an institution that positions itself as a neo-bistro. The creators are fans of the films of the Hollywood Director and named their brainchild after him. The restaurant is spread over two floors. The first one has a more informal atmosphere. The second floor is decorated in a fusion style. Panoramic Windows offer views of the Cathedral and other city attractions.

During the warmer months, guests can enjoy the local chef’s culinary skills on the brightly decorated summer terrace. The interior features many cinematic elements. On the walls are portraits of Quentin Tarantino and stills from his filmography. Locals and tourists who come to the city like to spend time at small tables with cozy sofas and comfortable high chairs.

An open kitchen with a grill allows visitors to observe the magic of creating great European dishes. Sweet tooths will be satisfied with the baking of their own production. It offers cocktails according to the author’s recipe and various alcoholic beverages. The restaurant is located at: Rostov-on-don, Soborny pereulok, 22. opening Hours: daily from 12 to 00.00 (Friday, Saturday – until 01.00).Phone number of the booking service: 8918589 72 31.

Matador Grill

12 best restaurants in Rostov-on-don

Seventh on our list is a premium restaurant serving Russian, Scandinavian and Mediterranean cuisine. We are also pleased with the expanded author’s menu from chef Nikita Spiro. The restaurant is located on two floors. On the second floor, there is an open kitchen with a grill, where you can watch steaks and other dishes being fried. There is also a stage where guest artists perform, and music festivals are held. The interior is calm with carefully designed details.

The restaurant offers specialty burgers, dumplings with marbled beef, Khasansky oysters, rabbit cutlets, risotto with blue mussels. Steak lovers will find several types of rib eye, filet Mignon, flank, Tomahawk on the menu. The wine list includes wines from various regions from Germany to New Zealand. There is also a wide selection of craft beer. Vintage cocktails delight with a variety of tastes.

The unique atmosphere with fine cuisine attracts more and more guests here. During daytime hours (from 12 to 17 hours), a 25% discount is available on all main menu items. The restaurant offers Parking and a summer terrace. It opens at 12 p.m. and ends at midnight, on Friday and Saturday-at 01.00. Address: Rostov-on-don, Krasnoarmeyskaya St., 90. phone number for booking tables: 8961277 14 40.

12 best restaurants in Rostov-on-don

The eighth place is given to an institution that can accommodate up to 350 guests at a time. The main hall is designed for 150 people, two summer playgrounds – for 200. The interior resembles a colorful Oriental Bazaar. The design is dominated by natural materials. Authentic design whets the appetite. The menu is very extensive and varied.

Our main specialty is Uzbek cuisine. Everything is prepared by professional chefs under the guidance of the famous don chef Oleg Kolisnichenko. Try traditional pilaf and manti come not only residents of Rostov, but also guests of the city. Here you can also taste the author’s interpretation of European and Russian dishes. Sweet tooths will be satisfied with a wide range of Oriental sweets, ice cream and sorbets of their own preparation, handmade sweets, homemade cookies.

The bar menu includes many original cocktails and elite alcohol. During the day, light unobtrusive melodies are played. Every weekend there are performances of musicians. There is a separate play area for children with small tables where they can eat specially prepared meals. Address: Rostov-on-don, Teatralnaya square, 3. Yalla welcomes guests every day at 11 o’clock. It closes at 00.00, on Friday and Saturday-two hours later. The administrator’s phone number is +7863270 67 87.

12 best restaurants in Rostov-on-don

The restaurant, which took the ninth place, is conveniently located in the Central area of the city’s embankment. It is recognized as the best institution of pan-Asian cuisine on the don. The interior creates the appropriate mood. The small, cozy rooms offer a relaxed atmosphere, relaxed conversations and, of course, gastronomic enjoyment. The summer terrace offers scenic views of the surrounding area.

Visitors enjoy unusual meat and seafood dishes with original names and serving. Drinks are available for every taste. These are refreshing lemonades and cocktails, herbal teas and alcohol from different countries of the world. A professional sommelier will tell you which wine out of the 80 presented goes best with your chosen meal. A lean and vegetarian menu is available. Young visitors will be fed specially designed children’s dishes.

The pricing policy is flexible. Regular guests enjoy exclusive offers. Free Parking and Wi-Fi are provided for all guests. The establishment is popular among locals who choose it for celebrating special events. It is located at 29A Beregovaya street and is open from 11 to 00.00. On Friday and Saturday, the working day is extended until 02.00. table Reservations are made by phone: 8863229 38 48.

Steak house Royce

12 best restaurants in Rostov-on-don

On the tenth line – an institution where all steak lovers are in a hurry. It specializes in American and European cuisine, and also offers a large number of dishes according to the recipe of chef Dmitry Roy. The restaurant has a homely, relaxing atmosphere. Some come to relax after a busy day, many gather in companies on weekends. In the interior – a large number of books. They’re everywhere. But the summer veranda is decorated with greenery, which is grown for cooking.

The menu is extensive. Steaks made from grain-fed steers occupy its first pages. You can also order dishes from diet meat, author’s burgers, shish kebab, grilled fish. It offers salads, soups, and cold appetizers. Desserts are also varied. Whatever the guest chooses, they experience the gastronomic pleasure of cooking and the aesthetic pleasure of serving. The alcohol list includes wines of the best European and American brands.

You won’t be bored. The Steakhouse invites you to master classes, wine and cheese tastings, and a school for young chefs. Quiet music plays during the day, and live performances can be enjoyed in the evening. The restaurant offers Parking for guests. Its Address: Rostov-on-don, temernitskaya str., 73. opening Hours: from 12.00 to 00.00, on Friday and Saturday – until 02.00. for more information, please contact the administrator by phone: 8900139 38 38.

Cinema system

12 best restaurants in Rostov-on-don

The eleventh in the list is a restaurant with a unique interior. A glass dome in the middle of the hall with stained glass Windows creates a sense of special solemnity. On the outdoor veranda, not only enjoy the warm weather with a Cup of aromatic coffee or a glass of wine, but also hold solemn marriage registrations. The menu includes dishes of European and Russian cuisine. When cooking, the taste qualities of products are preserved as much as possible. A well-known chef from Moscow and his team are responsible for this.

A special pride is juicy dumplings with fillings, sauces and additives that will delight people with different taste preferences. The restaurant offers more than just lunch and dinner options. Light or rich breakfasts are available. Desserts are varied. The alcohol card includes drinks from all over the world. Delicious traditional and original cocktails are prepared here. Entertainment options include a hookah lounge, a multimedia projector, sports broadcasts, and live music.

In “cinema” you can relax in a relaxed atmosphere or celebrate a significant event with friends and relatives. The property offers private Parking. There is free Wi-Fi. The restaurant is open every day from 7 am to 22.00 PM. It is located at 59 budyonnovsky Prospekt. phone number for booking tables: +7863310 01 92.


12 best restaurants in Rostov-on-don

Our review ends with a restaurant located in a real village log house in a picturesque Park. The cozy homely atmosphere and delicious food made it very popular among Rostov residents and tourists. The interior has a lot of bright colors. Here you can see objects borrowed from fairy tales: a self-made tablecloth and a miracle stove. The menu includes Russian and Caucasian dishes. Hot pastries are always available. Meat is fried on the grill, tea is poured from the samovar. Guests are treated to bagels and delicious jam.

Here you can taste pancakes with red caviar, imeritinsky lobio, fish soup with pike perch, rainbow trout, boyar cabbage soup and many other dishes. The portions are large, as it was customary to meet guests in Russia. In the evenings, contemporary and folk ensembles perform. An outdoor veranda is available in summer.

“Samovar” has become a place to celebrate important events: weddings, anniversaries, corporate parties. An interesting concept never ceases to amaze guests of the city. The constantly updated menu allows you to get acquainted with different traditional dishes of our cuisine. The restaurant is open every day from 12 to midnight. It closes 2 hours later on Fridays and Saturdays. Address: Rostov-on-don, 36/4 Kommunisticheskiy Ave. Contact phone number: +7928270 31 01.

Attention! This rating is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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