20 best attractions in Yelets

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Yelets is one of the classic traps for tourists who want to get acquainted with the traditional merchant life of Russian boyars. The main attractions here are buildings from previous eras, including the Kalancha. On the territory of the city you can find many Orthodox churches, most of which have their own history. Our experts have compiled a rating of the top 20 attractions of the merchant city.

Rating of the best attractions in Yelets

Category place full name Rating
The best architectural sights of Yelets 1 Tower of the town clock 5.0
2 Fire tower 4.9
3 Mira Street 4.8
4 Memorial sign in honor of the 850th anniversary of Yelets 4.7
5 Karakum bridge 4.6
Best natural attractions in Yelets 1 Vorgol rocks 5.0
2 Taldykin Manor 4.9
Best religious attractions in Yelets 1 Ascension Cathedral 4.8
2 Grand Ducal Church 5.0
3 Church Of The Transfiguration Of The Lord 4.9
4 Znamensky a female monastery 4.8
Best cultural attractions in Yelets 1 Drama theater 5.0
2 Yelets Museum of local lore 4.9
3 Museum of Yelets lace 4.8
4 Museum of folk crafts 4.7
5 The house-Museum of T. N. Khrennikov 4.6
6 I. A. Bunin Museum 4.5
7 Monument To I. A. Bunin 4.4
8 Monument to the artist Zhukov 4.3
9 Museum Of N. N. Zhukov 4.2

The best architectural sights of Yelets

Tower of the town clock

20 best attractions in Yelets

The first position is confidently occupied by the Yelets clock tower, which is located almost in the city center. This is the most important attraction located at the intersection of Sovetskaya and Sverdlov streets. It dates from 1868 and was originally used as a water tower. In 1975, it was transformed into a large chimes. Built of red brick, the tower stands out significantly from the surrounding landscape.

At the moment, the clock on the tower sounds every 15 minutes, which allows you to create a great impression of walking through the city center. Not far from the tower, you can find several important monuments, including the painter Zhukov, a large Church and the Karakum bridge. This tower for many tourists will be the first attraction in the city.

Fire tower

20 best attractions in Yelets

In the history of Yelets, you can find a significant number of references to large-scale fires, which caused the city to be severely damaged and sometimes even burned to the ground. As a result of one of them, this landmark appeared. An unnamed voivode even once wrote to the Russian Empress Catherine II that most of the city was destroyed, and local sorcerers testified to subsequent fires.

To this, he received an answer that he should take up the reconstruction of the city. A large artel, engaged in extinguishing fires and owned by the Valuisky brothers, appeared in the region in 1811. This is one of the earliest such teams on the territory of the Russian Empire. In Moscow, they began to actively counteract fires only by 1874. The observation tower itself was built in 1892, and mostly wood was used for this purpose. The height at the time of construction is about 27 yards.

Mira Street

20 best attractions in Yelets

The third position is occupied by a large street, which is the busiest attraction in Yelets. This is a naturally formed ensemble of architectural monuments, mainly represented by buildings of the XIX century. Despite the fact that Yelets was a merchant town, you can also find residences of the noble population in It. For example, boyars, merchants and other rich people lived on this street. This part of the city was an extremely busy shopping center, so the houses are located at a minimum distance.

All buildings differ significantly in appearance, proportions, and some even in architectural style. Because of the activity of sellers, the street was often called Trading. As a result, we managed to create an interesting ensemble of attractions. And the street itself is even mentioned in Bunin’s works.

Memorial sign in honor of the 850th anniversary of Yelets

20 best attractions in Yelets

The monument in honor of the anniversary of the city was installed in 1996. It is located on the red square of the city. And the main architects were 2 architects: N. A. Kravchenko and A. A. Shashin. The monument is approximately 3 meters high. During the opening of the memorial sign, a large capsule was fixed in it, which contains an appeal to descendants. It is planned to open it for 900 years from the moment of its Foundation.

This document contains a brief history of Yelets. Both ancient times and more modern times were taken into account. For example, the exploits of city residents in battles with the Horde of Batu or Mamai, as well as battles against the Nazis in the Great Patriotic war. Additionally, the labor exploits of the local population are indicated. The sculptural composition itself combines a whole series of times. For example, in the Central part you can find a statue of an ancient Prince, and not far from it there is a Motherland.

Karakum bridge

20 best attractions in Yelets

The last position in this rating of attractions is occupied by the Karakum bridge, which spans the small Bystraya Sosna river. It was built in 1933, and its length is only 198 meters. The original structure was entirely made of wood. Later, vehicles that participated in the Moscow-Karakum rally passed through it.

This transport crossing was the first permanent one in the region. However, the bridge was significantly damaged during the great Patriotic war. In 1943, it was restored, as it was of strategic importance. For this purpose, a bridge was moved here from the Crimea. It underwent a major redecoration in the 1970s. And in 1979, they began to build a new reinforced concrete structure. Since 2005, it has only been used as a pedestrian crossing.

Best natural attractions in Yelets

Vorgol rocks

20 best attractions in Yelets

The main natural attraction of the outskirts of Yelets is considered to be the Vorgolsky rocks, which are pronounced irregularities in the landscape on the territory of the Galichya Gora nature reserve. The site is located in the lower reaches of the Vorgol river, which is a tributary of the Fast Pine at a distance of about 10 kilometers from Yelets. The rocks themselves are located in a narrow part of the canyon. The reserve was established in 1963.

The total area of the protected area is about 31 hectares. And the height of individual rocks reaches 25 meters. They are known as the Raven and the Fox stone. Near the rocks there are several large settlements, one of which is the center of the existing Principality of Vorgol. Moreover, the villages got their name in honor of the river. This area is very popular with rock climbers. Despite the fact that the height of the trails is no more than 20 meters, there are several routes here at once.

Taldykin Manor

20 best attractions in Yelets

An important natural attraction of the Lipetsk region and Yelets are the Taldykin estates with an abandoned mill. Previously, a well-known merchant decided to improve the area. As a result, on the Vorgol river, by order of Nikolai Taldykin, a water mill appeared, which consists of 5 floors, as well as a small extension designed to accommodate staff and machinists.

On this territory there is also a large wooden house, which is not very well preserved to this day. Little is known about the death of the owners, it is believed that they were killed with a pood weight by local bandits. Later, the grave was desecrated, and the bodies were buried in an unknown place. Despite the fact that the tomb was considered curative, local residents often came here.

Best religious attractions in Yelets

Ascension Cathedral

20 best attractions in Yelets

The main religious attraction of Yelets is the large ascension Cathedral. First of all, our experts decided to single it out and make it the leader of the rating because of its visibility. From whatever direction you decide to approach the city, you will definitely notice a green temple, as well as a huge Golden dome. The architect was Konstantin Ton, who received the highest award for completing the project.

The structure of the Cathedral was the first example of a mixture of Russian architecture and Byzantine architecture on the territory of the Empire. It was built from 1845 to 1889. For almost 45 years of construction, the bell tower was never completed completely. But the interior deserves every praise. Inside, you can find a large-scale wooden iconostasis covered with gilding.

Grand Ducal Church

20 best attractions in Yelets

No less important attraction of Yelets is the Grand Ducal Church. This is one of the most elegant examples that religious architecture can be very interesting. It was built at the beginning of the XX century, and it took about 2 years to complete the construction. The goal was to attract the attention of Mikhail Romanov, the younger brother of the ruler of the Russian Empire, Nicholas II. As a result, he came to the consecration of the landmark and became the patron Saint of the branch of the banner bearers.

The architectural style of the building successfully combines both Byzantine and Russian features, which are interwoven with notes of art Nouveau, which was very popular at the time of construction. The funds for construction were provided by local merchant, Alexander Susilova. Later, with his money, a house for the poor was built. During the Soviet era, the building of the Grand Ducal Church was occupied by the Museum of atheism.

Church Of The Transfiguration Of The Lord

20 best attractions in Yelets

The third position is occupied by one of the oldest churches in Yelets. A wooden religious institution was built on this site at the end of the XVII century, and it replaced an even older Church dedicated to Paraskeva Friday. In the XVIII year, the Transfiguration Church was rapidly being destroyed due to time and climate, and several merchants asked the Bishop of Voronezh for reconstruction or permission to build a new Church.

The construction was completed only by 1771. Many parishioners greatly revered a number of icons that John Borisovich Zhdanov provided to the Church. First of all, it is the Tikhvin mother of God, a large image,measuring 2.5 x 2 yards, which is covered with silver and gold. According to legend, the icon was created by the painter Grigory Belousov.

Znamensky a female monastery

20 best attractions in Yelets

The last position is occupied by the Znamensky diocesan convent, which is the Orthodox Church of Yelets. It was founded on the site of the Trinity complex, which was established in 1629 on mount Kamennaya. With the help of Saint Mitrofan, it was possible to form a large women’s monastery.

In 1764, it was decided to abolish the monastery by order of Catherine II, but the parishioners did not leave it. During the fire in Yelets, it was significantly damaged and almost destroyed. Only 2 old women who lived on the territory of the cellar remained here. Gradually, the number of sisters increased, and in 1778 the recluse Melania was accepted. As a result of the efforts of citizens, the restoration of the landmark began.

Best cultural attractions in Yelets

Drama theater

20 best attractions in Yelets

The main cultural attraction of Yelets is the drama theater “benefit”. It is located in a historic building, where, since 1912, its work began. The drama theater was founded in 1993. Moreover, the prototype was the Alma-ATA benefit institution, which was formed by Director V. N. Nazarov, one of the students of the Moscow art Theater school.

The main actors of this theatre were Vitaly Petrov and Vladimir Gromyko. It was the work of these artists that updated the status of the institution and introduced residents to this type of leisure. Thanks to its wide range of plays, this theater is one of the most visited in the region. After retiring from the life of the founder of the theatre, his work was continued by Vladimir Gromyko. Several new Directors have also arrived. The productions were repeatedly called the best in the Russian Federation.

Yelets Museum of local lore

20 best attractions in Yelets

The second position in the rating of cultural attractions of Yelets is occupied by the local history Museum, which was founded in 1901. At that time, one of the Moscow students decided to help in the education of the masses and personally created a small exhibition, which was designed only for schoolchildren. It consisted mainly of mummified representatives of the fauna inhabiting the outskirts of Yelets.

Additionally, a number of decorative and household items were shown. After the revolution, this Museum was repeatedly robbed. In 1922, it received official status, and in 1941 it was evacuated. Among the expositions, we can highlight the presence of the exhibition “Nature of the Yelets region”, as well as several others. All of them are devoted to the history and Ethnography of local lands. As a result, many items were preserved, including ancient weapons, a collection of numismatists, as well as archaeological artifacts.

Museum of Yelets lace

20 best attractions in Yelets

Yelets is primarily known as a city where lace is produced, so it is not surprising that a house-Museum dedicated to this type of activity got on the podium of the rating. The city is famous for its craftsmen, who managed to preserve the secrets of producing the best fabrics and creating methods. Often a local seamstress made the dress even for the Romanov family. As a result, we managed to create a truly recognizable style.

At the moment, the house-Museum of Yelets lace is the property of a company engaged in the production of fine textiles. And, despite the fact that it produces a huge range of products, this particular attraction is most often visited by tourists to buy Souvenirs that remind them of the moment they visited the city.

Museum of folk crafts

20 best attractions in Yelets

Yelets Museum of folk crafts and crafts was also included in the rating of city attractions. It was opened in early 2007 in one of the historical buildings built at the expense of Tabachnik A. N. Zusaylov. Inside, various memorable sites of the region are preserved, and the management staff tries to protect the endangered types of activities, as well as help them work.

For an extremely long time, Yelets was famous primarily as a city of merchants and artisans. In addition, they often engaged in pottery and blacksmithing. And even in modern realities, when automated production is massively used, the methods of ancient masters have been preserved. As part of the Museum, you can find various types of products. This is a very interesting attraction, according to our experts.

The house-Museum of T. N. Khrennikov

20 best attractions in Yelets

An important attraction of Yelets, included in the 5 cultural heritage sites, is the Museum dedicated to Tikhon Nikolaevich Khrennikov, an artist and cultural figure. Even during his lifetime, he wanted to open a similar complex, built in his hometown. At the same time, the composer himself was very helpful in creating it. At the moment, the house has almost completely managed to preserve the original layout of the building.

As part of the exhibition, you can find many items that belong to Tikhon Nikolaevich himself. Among them, the most interesting will be handwritten documents, as well as claviers and scores. There are also a number of photos and images dedicated to the Creator. As a result, we managed to create a really interesting design. The house-Museum is always open to visitors who want to learn more about the work of T. N. Khrennikov.

I. A. Bunin Museum

20 best attractions in Yelets

A small literary and memorial complex located in Yelets and dedicated to I. A. Bunin was also included in the rating of the city’s attractions. It was opened in 1988. And before that, for almost 20 years, we searched for various things belonging to the writer. The house where the future Nobel prize winner lived during his studies at the Yelets gymnasium was chosen for the exhibition.

It is here that various unique items belonging to the writer, books with his signatures, as well as many works of Ivan Alekseevich translated into different languages are stored. The Museum’s collection is regularly updated with found specimens, as well as new results of historical investigations. There is also a large genealogical line dedicated to the Bunin family.

Monument To I. A. Bunin

20 best attractions in Yelets

Monument to Ivan Bunin is an important cultural landmark of Yelets. It was installed on the Central alley of the city Park in October 1995 to mark the 125th anniversary of the writer’s birth. The height of the pedestal is 210 centimeters, and the monument is made of forged copper. Moreover, the masters tried to create the most inspired face.

The second name of the monument is gymnasium student, since it was in Yelets that the writer studied. At the same time, we managed to create a concise and soft design. The composition can make a strong impression on any tourist, regardless of age. It is a real masterpiece of sculptors. Here people often take photos or stop to study the monument and the features of the writer’s face and facial expressions.

Monument to the artist Zhukov

20 best attractions in Yelets

The penultimate position is occupied by a monument dedicated to the famous artist Nikolai Nikolaevich Zhukov. It was installed on the 100th anniversary of his birth. The Soviet graphic artist and Illustrator was repeatedly awarded Stalin prizes. He was a member of the Communist party of the USSR and a prominent public figure. And what is important, he lived for a long time on the territory of Yelets.

He spent his childhood and youth years in Yelets. He received his primary education in Nizhny Novgorod. In 1928, he moved to the Saratov school, graduated in 1930.N. N. Zhukov began to create in 1932, and during the great Patriotic war he served as an artilleryman, and then in the editorial office of a newspaper. More than once he created frontline posters, among which the most famous are “stand Up” and “They will not pass”. He has received numerous awards for outstanding achievements.

Museum Of N. N. Zhukov

20 best attractions in Yelets

The last position is occupied by a compact house-Museum, where the artist spent his childhood and youth. Nikolai Nikolaevich Zhukov spent quite a lot of time in this log house. Almost all of his “core life” was spent here. The structure itself is a typical wooden structure for this area.

Despite the fact that he spent most of his activities in Moscow, he wanted to create his own Museum in Yelets. The result is a unique structure dedicated to the Illustrator. There are a large number of objects that belonged to the painter during his lifetime. The building is a storage place for a number of masterpieces of the artist. The Museum complex itself was created more than 25 years ago, and later the master’s personal belongings were transferred here. This is a great attraction for those tourists who are interested in the history of the Soviet Union.

Attention! This rating is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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