5 ways to use old bed linen in everyday life!

Bed linen does not need to be thrown away or torn into rags when they wear out. At the same time, you can not only sew curtains from them, but also use them with great benefit.

Bedding for your pet

5 ways to use old bed linen in everyday life!

Pets are very fond of burying themselves in rags and some fabrics. An old bed sheet or duvet cover will delight your dog or cat. It is enough to twist the fabric into bundles and weave them together.

Another option is a cover for the animal’s sleeping place. Dogs or cats often like to sleep on the couch. Furniture from this constantly deteriorates, quickly fades.


5 ways to use old bed linen in everyday life!

For the sewing machine, it is highly recommended to use old pillowcases. It is enough to make a small incision in the area of the hole, and cover the device with a cloth. In addition to the sewing machine, you can cover mirrors, televisions or other equipment. Very comfortable with a small repair, when you do not need to take everything out of the room.

Old bed linen can be used to cover sofas or cars. The chairs and bed will fade less, there will be no damage.The vehicle is less polluted and protected from the environment. For convenience, it is better to sew several products.

Applications for clothing – fashionable and original

5 ways to use old bed linen in everyday life!

Such stripes are now in trend and can be placed anywhere. Also, you can make a beautiful collar or patch on the cuffs from the bed. To do this, put a piece of non-woven fabric on the desired area.A pattern is always placed on top of the element. Later, the product is carefully smoothed with an iron. At the same time, later a piece of fabric must be sewn by hand or with a sewing machine. It looks especially impressive on denim jackets, bags, backpacks.

Pillow decor

5 ways to use old bed linen in everyday life!

Small decorations enhance any design by a level. For example, with the help of pillows. Interesting look products with fringe or bright applications. From the old bedding, it is easy to cut out interesting flaps of both involuntary and a certain shape. You can cut out geometric shapes, butterflies, and animals.

Another use of old textiles is a cushion for a stool or chair. Always a necessary and useful thing in everyday life.


5 ways to use old bed linen in everyday life!

Bags made of sheets or pillowcases will come in handy when traveling or moving. They can store small underwear or accessories. And if you sew a zipper, you can use the product when washing delicate things in the washing machine. Also, this option will help you not to look for socks after washing. They will be safely hidden.

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