8 best eyelash extension schools in Moscow

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Despite the fact that the trend for extended eyelashes is losing relevance, and naturalness is becoming fashionable, many women still want to frame their eyes with long, thick eyelashes. This is especially true for those who have their own rare and short ones. This option allows you to significantly save time on your morning makeup when you need to hurry to work, study or on business.

You can grow eyelashes in the salon, but the choice of the master should be approached with all seriousness. A person must have a diploma of completion of courses, be able to perform the procedure efficiently, and comply with all the necessary requirements. Those who want to devote themselves to this business should choose the right school, of which there are a great many open in the capital.

The editors studied all the offers and selected for the rating review 8 best schools of eyelash extension in Moscow, which received the highest ratings and many positive reviews.

Rating of the best eyelash extension schools in Moscow

Category place School rating
Rating of the best eyelash extension schools in Moscow 1 BELLO LASHES 5.0
2 Filin School 4.9
3 The lashes 4.8
4 Sunlook 4.7
5 Kodi Professional training courses 4.6
6 “Ciliary Academy» 4.5
7 Luxury Lashes 4.4
8 Anna Klyuchko Academy 4.3


8 best eyelash extension schools in Moscow

At the head of the school is Zhanna Beloglazova, who has been engaged in eyelash extension for ten years, and conducts training-six of them. During this time, more than five thousand graduates left the school. The center has an online store that sells the necessary materials for work. For students, they are available at a discount.

Here they offer the following courses: colored eyelashes, volume shading, correction, classic, 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D volume, when they build up from two to five or seven cilia on one of their own. There are also masters waiting for advanced training programs. Learning from scratch costs from 10,000 rubles. For those who do not live in Moscow, there is a free online course. It contains more than twenty video lessons, including theory and practice, which is six hours of material.

At the end, everyone is issued an international certificate in electronic format, which everyone can print out if they wish. For additional money, you can get an ID card.

  1. Moscow, 2nd roshchinskaya street, 1A, 2nd floor.
  2. Phone: +7 (985) 300-39-66 (mon-Fri, from 11: 00 to 15: 00).
  3. Website: bello-lashes.ru.

Filin School

8 best eyelash extension schools in Moscow

The school has been operating for four years and has managed to gain the trust of the residents of the capital. It is considered to be one of the best courses on eyelash extension. Classes are held in small groups, no more than six people. Teachers don’t pour water, and the program has more than ninety percent of the practice. The acquired skills are practiced on models, not on mannequins. This is how students learn not only to work well, but also to communicate with the client.

There are three directions available: Express-four hours of theory. Cost-4700 rubles; base – eight hours of theory and practice. Cost – 8500 rubles; individual – ten hours of theory and practice plus detailed instructions on attracting clients and maintaining social networks (instagram). The price is 12500 rubles.

Students are given the necessary materials, manuals, and tools. In the process, students will understand how to choose the appropriate extension option for each client based on the type of eye. Upon completion, graduates receive certificates and diplomas. The school constantly offers promotions and discounts.

  1. Moscow, Marxistskaya 20, building 1.
  2. Phone: +7 (499) 686-19-60.
  3. Website: filin-school.ru

The lashes

8 best eyelash extension schools in Moscow

The school guarantees good earnings, as most graduates receive an average of 80,000 rubles. The company helps students get a job in a suitable place or start their own business. During the training, competent teachers explain what mistakes should be avoided, introducing future masters to all the nuances of the profession. The classes have a minimum of water and a lot of practice. At the end, everyone passes the exam, after which they receive a certificate. Training is conducted only by champion trainers – these are high-level specialists with many years of experience, winners of the Brow Star, Hummingbird fest, World Lash Championships.

They offer the following courses: basic – ideal for beginners, consists of theory and practice with working out on the model; Botox for eyelashes-suitable for master lashmakers who are already working, but want to become specialists of a higher level; volume extension-suitable for both experienced masters and beginners; lamination-opens up new opportunities for the master, increases his competitiveness; advanced training-maximum practice to eliminate any gaps in knowledge.

  1. Moscow, Presnensky Val, 38, building 1.
  2. Phone: +7 (495) 764-76-02.
  3. Website: thelashes.ru.


8 best eyelash extension schools in Moscow

The training center is considered to be the best. Here you will be offered several training options at once: six-hour courses for beginners, cost-6000 rubles; three-day courses on classical extension, cost-19900 rubles (at the end, a starter kit is issued for free); in-depth six-hour-training of full-fledged specialists, cost-34900 rubles; two-day Botox and lamination, cost-9000 rubles; secrets of perfect extension, cost-8500 rubles; rules for forming bundles, cost-10000 rubles.

In addition, the school teaches you to increase the lower eyelashes, increase the volume, and work on mistakes. At the end, graduates are awarded certificates or diplomas, depending on the program of study. The center also offers masters to take advanced training courses to improve their skills, learn something new, and raise the level of competitiveness.

  1. Moscow, Derbenevskaya Str., 1.
  2. Phone: +7 (925) 936-35-44.
  3. Website: course.sunlook.ru.

Kodi Professional training courses

8 best eyelash extension schools in Moscow

The school invites beginners, craftsmen who want to improve their skills, those who want to create or expand a portfolio, as well as anyone who wants to create beauty with their own hands. Materials for training are free of charge, and additional ones get a five percent discount. Graduates are also given a discount of fifteen percent, and it is untimely.

Among the teachers there are only qualified and experienced specialists with long experience, who are constantly improving in the profession and are able to transfer their knowledge. Among such people are Anna Tovmach and Natalia Sokolova.

The training center offers the following courses: classic build – up – fourteen hours, cost – 9000 rubles; lamination and bio – stitching-seven hours of classes in a group of six people, cost-5000 rubles; basic-consists of fourteen hours, conducted in a group of six people, cost – 9000 rubles; advanced training (volume build – up from 5D to 12D), fifteen hours, cost – 6000 rubles; volume build-up 2D, 3D, fourteen hours, cost-9000 rubles; free overview course for masters of Kodi professional products lasting one hour.

  1. Moscow, Dmitrovskoe shosse 100, building 2, office 3296 (Nord house shopping center).
  2. Opening hours: mon.-Fri, from 09:30 to 18:00, Saturday and Sunday. – day off.
  3. Phone number: 8(800)500-08-49; +7(916)092-21-45; +7(926)959-62-04; +7(966)072-81-94.
  4. Website: academy.kodi-professional.ru.

“Ciliary Academy»

8 best eyelash extension schools in Moscow

The company sells materials and tools for eyelash extension. It quickly became popular among residents of the capital, especially often chosen by specialists working in this segment. A school and salon were created on the basis of the store. Training is conducted by the best masters, many of whom have become winners of international and Russian competitions. The Academy deals exclusively with eyelashes, which allows it to concentrate only on one direction and develop the most effective training programs.

The school offers seven courses: the three-day basic value of 15,000 R; nine o’clock by the classical capacity-12,000 R; beam formation, the cost – 12000 R; five-day full course, price – 29000 R; keratin lamination, lasting three hours, worth 8000 R; basic intensive course of the day, accommodating a three-day program that costs 10,000 R; “4-in-1” (Botox, lamination, bio-lamination, biowave), the cost – 10000 R.

Classes are held either individually or in groups of three or four people. Upon completion of the training, international certificates or diplomas are issued.

  1. Moscow, Komsomolskaya square, 3/30, building 4, 1st floor, office 421.
  2. Phone: 8 (977) 118-15-36.
  3. Website: cilia Academy.RF.

Luxury Lashes

8 best eyelash extension schools in Moscow

The Studio has been operating for more than five years and during this time has gained a reputation as one of the best in Moscow. Only highly qualified lashmakers work here, so it was decided to organize a training center where these masters will be able to pass on their knowledge to everyone. Classes are attended not only by beginners, but also by experienced lashmakers who want to expand their existing theoretical and practical base.

The center will teach you various extension techniques, tell you about the rules for choosing the type of extension for a specific eye shape, explain how to communicate with the clientele and share the secrets of achieving success in this type of business.

The basic course is the most popular, as it teaches people from scratch. In the course of classes, they give maximum theory, and all manuals are included in the price. There is also a lot of practice here, so students can work out skills on the model, for example, building 2D or 3D. The cost of the course is 22,000 rubles, and the duration is four days of six to seven hours. A course on developing skills lasts seven hours, is – 8000 R; eyelash effect arrows (rays) is two days and costs – 12000 R; a course on capacity of double volume for up to eight hours, costs – 12000 R; course capacity triple volume lasts for two days, seven hours and costs – 20000 p; a course on creating volume on the lashes rare for six hours, stand – 13000 R.

The group consists of nine people. At the end of classes, graduates receive a portfolio, instructions on how to build a customer base and a certificate, as well as a ten percent discount on further professional development.

  1. Moscow, Slesarny pereulok, 3.
  2. Telephone:+7 (495) 664-30-79.
  3. Opening hours: mon-sun, from 10: 00 to 21: 00.
  4. Website: eye-lash.ru.

Anna Klyuchko Academy

8 best eyelash extension schools in Moscow

One of the largest salon chains in the capital. Here they perform over a thousand extensions a year. Many people want to study here, as the school provides not only full knowledge and allows you to work out your skills on the model, but also helps with employment.

The courses provide maximum immersion in the working atmosphere. There are a small number of people in groups, so everyone has enough attention from the teacher. Training consists of several parts that follow each other as the difficulty increases. In the process, issues of correction, modeling, analysis of the shape of the eyes, removal of extended eyelashes are discussed. Students are given homework assignments. At the end, an exam is taken, after which certificates are issued.

The reviews note that teachers constantly give professional advice and answer all questions. Students are given all the necessary materials, a starter kit of tools and products.

Among the achievements – more than three hundred cups received at international Championships. The Studio was recognized as the best in 2016 by the Beauty Awards. In January of last year, more than eighty thousand extensions were completed. The Studio is proud of its specialists, because the selection process is very strict – you need to pass a difficult exam. The Studio uses materials from South Korea. Despite all these advantages, prices are affordable.

The school offers the following courses: basic three-day course cost-16900 rubles. Anna Klyuchko teaches; volumetric extension is a two-day course that costs 14900 rubles. Teaches by Annette nezlobina; Botox and lamination-intensive two-day course cost – 12900 rubles. Olesya Tretyakova Teaches.

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