9 best JBL headphones

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

When you buy JBL headphones, you can hope that the bass will be all right. Perhaps, it is the ideal low frequencies that JBL products are famous for. However, this does not apply to all devices. Some headphones sound downright lousy. If they have bass, then they stand out too much from the rest of the frequencies. To avoid buying such headphones, check out our selection. It examines only the best models that collect only positive reviews on the Internet.

Rating of the best JBL headphones

Category place product name price
Best JBL in-ear headphones 1 JBL T205BT 1 590 ₽
2 JBL T205 750 ₽
Best plug-in JBL headphones 1 JBL Under Armour Sport Wireless 5 990 ₽
2 JBL E25BT 2 289 ₽
Best JBL over-ear headphones 1 JBL Everest 310 3 490 ₽
2 JBL T600BTNC 3 950 ₽
3 JBL T450BT 1 890 ₽
Best full-size JBL headphones 1 JBL Everest 710 7 890 ₽
2 JBL E65BTNC 6 490 ₽

Best JBL in-ear headphones


9 best JBL headphones

Most often, wireless headphones take the form of “earplugs”. Manufacturers forget that such accessories are often used on the street. And how do you hear an approaching car or a cyclist’s call if your ears are isolated from external noise? That is why the JBL T205BT Bluetooth headphones could not fail to get into our rating. These are traditional earbuds, the battery of which is built into a small remote control located on a wire. The remote also has three keys, one of which is physical — it is responsible for pausing a musical composition. On the sides of it are buttons that serve to go to the next and previous song, as well as to change the volume level.

This headset is very popular. Due to the high demand, the manufacturer has released at least seven color variants of its creation. The blue model looks most interesting, but someone will like white or even pink headphones more. Communication with the smartphone is carried out via Bluetooth 4.0. the cost of the headset does not exceed 2000 rubles, so support for the aptX profile is out of the question. In short, the sound quality is not perfect. It is also negatively affected by minimal noise insulation. Nevertheless, the bass is felt, and many buyers of JBL products do not need more.

Charging the accessory is carried out by the traditional method — the cable from the network adapter is inserted into the micro-USB connector. The charging time is 2 hours, which can be considered the standard for such headsets. On the contrary, the operating time is lower than average, about six hours of music playback at a relatively low volume level.

It remains to repeat once again that this is a headset. That is, there is a microphone here, thanks to which you can safely talk on the phone without taking the accessory out of your ears.


  • Not bad, though not perfect sound quality;
  • Comfortable neck lace;
  • A variety of color options;
  • Low cost;
  • A microphone is present.


  • Not the longest working hours;
  • Not very stable Bluetooth connection;
  • You can’t connect to multiple devices at the same time;
  • There is no moisture protection.

JBL T205

9 best JBL headphones

Of course, JBL couldn’t help but release a wired analog of the headphones discussed above. It turned out to be a few grams lighter, since there is no battery. The shape of the headphones themselves remains the same — they are comfortable earbuds, similar to the famous Apple EarPods. If ordinary earbuds regularly fall out of many people’s ears, then this product holds up noticeably better. Here, too, there is a microphone, so this model is more correctly called a headset, and not headphones.

You can buy the JBL T205 in Russian stores for just 1,000 rubles. It would seem that such a low price tag should have made the headset incredibly popular, and this in turn should have provided a huge number of color options. However, in this case, the manufacturer decided not to bother, releasing only four color versions. Inside these headphones is a 12.5 mm membrane. It is with its help that the sound is output. What is important, the sound is quite rich, even if not perfect. The bass feels good. As mentioned above, they are the ones that are most required from JBL products.

A small remote control can be found on the headphone wire. It is primarily used to answer a call. Strictly speaking, this is its only purpose — in addition to the corresponding button on the remote control, only the microphone hole can be detected.

Perhaps this is the end of the description of the JBL T205. In the production of such an inexpensive accessory, it makes no sense to use any unusual technologies. The product does not even have a gold-plated plug. I am glad that the manufacturer did not forget at least about the cover.


  • Convenient cable with L-shaped connector;
  • The kit includes a case;
  • Built-in microphone;
  • You can answer a call and end it;
  • Four color options;
  • Low cost.


  • The lack of sound insulation will not suit everyone;
  • No water protection;
  • You can’t adjust the volume;
  • The design is not suitable for all ears;
  • Average sound quality.

Best plug-in JBL headphones

JBL Under Armour Sport Wireless

9 best JBL headphones

It is necessary to admit that cheap wireless headphones do not sound the best, even if they are made by JBL. If you want to get not only tangible bass, but also well-developed midrange frequencies, then get ready to pay more than five thousand rubles. In particular, the excellent sound quality will please the JBL under Armour Sport Wireless headset. Yes, it is very expensive, but it has a moisture-proof case. Of course, it is unlikely that you will walk in these headphones in the rain. But during all sorts of training sessions, a person tends to sweat — it is important that the headset will not be afraid of this.

Externally, the accessory is nothing special. These are traditional “earplugs” that have a neck cord on which a remote control with three buttons and a microphone hole is located. The remote allows you not only to answer a call and pause a track, but also to adjust the volume. You can also switch to the previous or next song.

The sound is output here using a 5.8 mm membrane. It can’t be called very loud, but thanks to the good sound insulation, the music can be clearly heard even in the subway. The accessory included in our rating is powered by a lithium-ion battery. Its full charge is enough for several fairly long training sessions. The manufacturer claims about eight hours of music playing. Charging the headset takes about a couple of hours.

The product is equipped with a large number of replaceable ear pads of different diameters. Also in the box with headphones comes a modest case. It remains to add that this model exists in at least four color options. However, it was released quite a long time ago, so only white and black headphones can be found on sale now — they were produced in the largest circulation.


  • Decent battery life;
  • Supplied with a carrying case;
  • Convenient to use;
  • There is protection from moisture;
  • Large number of replaceable ear pads;
  • There is a microphone.


  • The high cost;
  • The discharge warning is too Intrusive;
  • The microphone is not too sensitive.


9 best JBL headphones

Don’t want to spend too much money on a Bluetooth headset? In this case, you can consider the option of buying the JBL E25BT. These are simplified headphones that, however, perfectly interact with any smartphone, including the iPhone. This product is sold for 2-3 thousand rubles. In stores, you can find headphones painted in five different colors. Complete with the headset, you’ll find a very short charging cable, a case, and only three pairs of replaceable ear pads.

This device communicates with the smartphone via Bluetooth 4.1. there is no support for the aptX profile here — however, many much more expensive JBL creations cannot boast of this. Much more frustrating is the lack of moisture protection. It is not recommended to train in such a headset — sweat can quickly put electronics out of order, and this is unlikely to be recognized as a warranty case.

Despite the low cost, the accessory received a very capacious battery. If you fully charge it, you can listen to music for six to eight hours. The charging time is normal, in the region of two hours.

The manufacturer did not forget about the microphone. It is located on the remote control located on the neck cord. There are also keys for controlling the volume level and switching music tracks. It is not difficult to use this remote control and answer an incoming call — first of all, it is designed for this purpose.

Of course, such inexpensive headphones could not do with just one or two disadvantages. If you read the reviews on the JBL E25BT, it becomes clear that the headset does not have the most sensitive microphone. Also, some people note that the bass is excessive — if the music was created using live instruments, then it is not recommended to listen to it in such headphones.


  • A microphone is present;
  • There is a remote control with three buttons;
  • Low cost;
  • A variety of color options;
  • The headphones come with a case;
  • Fairly stable Bluetooth connection.


  • No water protection;
  • The microphone has low sensitivity;
  • They often don’t reach the stated opening hours;
  • Switching between tracks is not very convenient.

Best JBL over-ear headphones

JBL Everest 310

9 best JBL headphones

Beautiful external overhead headphones created by JBL. Several of their color options have been put on sale. However, they do not differ too much from each other, in any case, the buyer is waiting for a light color — for example, silver or purple. Like almost all other headphones from JBL, this model has received a microphone at its disposal. This means that it can be used as a headset when talking to other people on the phone or in Skype. However, the product was included in our rating not only because of this. We really liked the build quality. There is an opinion that it is unlikely that such headphones will break after a few months or even years of active use. Only falls on the asphalt can cause at least some damage to the structure.

When designing this headset, engineers didn’t need to try to reduce the size and weight. As a result, they decided to install a very capacious battery here. It takes two hours to recharge. A full charge provides 15-20 hours of music playback, depending on the stability of the Bluetooth signal and the volume level. If suddenly the headphones are dead, and you definitely need to use them, then you can connect the wire. This is a very successful solution! It uses a regular audio cable, at the ends of which there are 3.5 mm “jacks”. Of course, the wire is supplied with headphones. The buyer will also receive a case for transporting the accessory.

It’s hard to find fault with the headset even if you really want to. The device is conveniently folded, it produces very high-quality sound, and even very loud. It should also be noted that there is a noise reduction function, thanks to which the interlocutor will not complain that you are hard to hear. The manufacturer did not forget about the possibility of adjusting the volume level. Perhaps, you can only complain about the lack of support for the aptX codec. Because of this, you will definitely notice that the headphones sound worse in Bluetooth mode than in wired mode.


  • 610 mAh battery provides long-lasting sound experience;
  • It is possible to work in wired mode;
  • The kit includes a convenient case;
  • The volume level can be adjusted;
  • They cut off external noise well;
  • There is a noise-canceling microphone.


  • Far from perfect sound in wireless mode;
  • Some instances emit creaks.


9 best JBL headphones

Even some over-ear headphones with JBL in our ranking, is significantly less expensive. Here you can see that the manufacturer has saved on design, it is unlikely that such a headset will surprise with its appearance. I am glad at least that it was decided to sell several color options — including you can buy a pink model that should appeal to girls.

As befits JBL products, this accessory received a microphone, which allows you to use it in conjunction with a smartphone. What is important, the microphone has a noise reduction function — the interlocutor will definitely hear you well. Problems can only arise in the subway, where you need a more advanced noise reduction system, which the manufacturer could not implement in such inexpensive headphones.

This product weighs 173 g. This is quite a bit. It is easy to guess that there was no place for a particularly capacious battery here. But even 11-12 hours of sound is a very good result that will suit most buyers. As for the charging time, it is approximately two hours. JBL is not a company that will introduce support for fast charging technology in its creations. Instead, it will give its own headphones the ability to connect a cable. Yes, this headset can also be used in wired mode, just like the model discussed above! By the way, the user can increase the battery life. To do this, disable the active noise reduction system. However, in public transport and on the street after this, there may be problems — external sounds will still reach you through not the densest ear pads.


  • The volume level can be adjusted;
  • There is an active noise reduction system;
  • Can be used as a headset;
  • Stable Bluetooth connectivity;
  • Long battery life on a full charge;
  • You can connect it to the audio source with a cable.


  • Minimal sound insulation;
  • Not the best wires included;
  • Far from ideal the sound in the wireless mode.


9 best JBL headphones

Some of the most inexpensive JBL wireless headphones among those belonging to the overhead form factor. The product is available in three color options-blue, black and white. Sufficiently large cups allow you to cut yourself off from external noise. At the same time, the folding design provides easy transportation of headphones. It’s just a shame that there is no cover in the kit — you will have to put the device in a backpack without it.

The weight of this model reaches 320 g. This allows you to understand that high-quality speakers and a large battery are used here. However, this product is far from the indicators of the headphones discussed above. The maximum amount of time you can squeeze out of it is only 11 hours of music playback. Of course, many competitors can’t offer that either. But we already know that JBL engineers can give their headphones a longer sound. Although they needed to save on something, because the cost of this model is two to three times less than the price tag for the headsets discussed above. It’s nice that at any time you can see the charge level-it is displayed on the smartphone screen, if the headphones are connected to it.

The JBL T450BT also includes a microphone. It’s best not to talk about it in the wind. But the size of the headphones hints that they are designed for home or, in extreme cases, office use, and in such conditions you are unlikely to encounter any problems.

If we talk about the sound, then there is nothing special waiting for the user here. As with many other JBL headphones, the bass is well felt here. Even too good — sometimes it is too Intrusive, but it can not be called perfectly clear.


  • Convenient folding design;
  • There is a microphone;
  • Stable and fast Bluetooth connection;
  • Long enough offline operation;
  • There is a volume control;
  • Low cost.


  • There is no possibility of wired connection;
  • Some people may find them too tight;
  • A rather quick degradation of the battery.

Best full-size JBL headphones

JBL Everest 710

9 best JBL headphones

Of course, our rating could not do without full-size headphones. It is in their direction that you should look if you regularly work at the computer. This accessory will provide you with excellent sound insulation — work colleagues can swear as much as they want, and your children can shout loudly right behind you.

Most often, full-size headphones are wired. But JBL understood that now most computers are equipped with a Bluetooth module. Also, the products of this company are regularly used in conjunction with a smartphone. In short, why not create full-size Bluetooth headphones? As a result, a model called the JBL Everest 710 was born. It is complemented by a microphone hidden in one of the cups. Another product received a battery capacity of 850 mAh. A full charge lasts for 20-25 hours of listening to music! This is enough for several working days, which is good news. If the headphones are discharged completely unexpectedly, then no one will prevent you from connecting them to a computer or smartphone using an audio cable. Yes, the mobile device should also pull this headset, even if not at maximum volume — this is indicated by a resistance of no more than 32 Ohms.

This model turned out to be quite expensive also because of the presence of noise reduction technology here, which the microphone actively uses. This means that the other person will hear you perfectly in all conditions. As for the audio output, 40-mm speakers are responsible for this. It is difficult to find fault with the sound quality — it is clear that the manufacturer did not save money in this regard.

Like many other JBL headsets, this model provides a convenient volume control. And it also has a branded case, where folding headphones fit without any problems. The kit also includes the aforementioned audio cable and a charging wire. The process, by the way, lasts about two hours. But you might have already guessed this for yourself.


  • Stable Bluetooth connectivity;
  • ShareMe 2.0 technology is supported;
  • Very long stand-alone operation;
  • The kit includes a case;
  • Wired connection is possible;
  • There is a microphone, supplemented with noise reduction;
  • The volume level can be adjusted.


  • It would not hurt to support the aptX codec;
  • Only two colors to choose from;
  • Not everyone will like the price.


9 best JBL headphones

Slightly less advanced, but less expensive headphones. The headset that finishes our rating can be purchased for 6-7 thousand rubles. For this money, you get a high-quality assembled accessory that can be painted in one of the four available colors. Traditional 40-mm membranes are installed inside the cups used here. The sound is played with their help for about 15 hours — this is the duration of battery life provided by a battery with a capacity of 610 mAh. Its recharging lasts, as you might guess, about two hours. Also on the headphones, you can find the audio cable connector that comes with the kit. It allows you to use the headset even when it is completely discharged.

The device has not only a microphone, but also a full-fledged active noise reduction system. However, you should not count on her work seriously — sometimes because of her, the music is supplied with completely unnecessary sounds. Nevertheless, it is surprising that such a system is generally available in headphones, the cost of which is by no means prohibitive.

Otherwise, this is a typical mid-budget headset. Here you can adjust the volume level and answer an incoming call. The accessory also easily connects to multiple devices at once. You can also complain about the lack of a case — the product is supplied only with an audio cable and a charging wire.


  • There is an active noise reduction system;
  • Decent battery life;
  • Implemented the Multipoint function;
  • There is a microphone;
  • A wired connection is possible;
  • Easy folding;
  • Volume control available;
  • Four colors to choose from.


  • There is no case or cover included;
  • The price is still not low.


Try not to forget that Chinese craftsmen produce a lot of fakes. These headphones may have the JBL logo on them, but in terms of sound, they turn out to be immensely far from ideal. That is why we recommend that you do not save money when choosing JBL headphones. Buy them from some well-known online store that orders them directly from an official distributor. And follow our selection — only models that have the least number of disadvantages are considered here (and even JBL does not produce ideal headphones).

Attention! This rating is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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