9 best voice recorders based on user reviews

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Compact voice recorders are multifunctional devices that are useful for many people. They will be useful for professional reporters, bloggers, students, and various creative people. You can use them to record interviews, conversations with colleagues, lectures, and just your own thoughts. Despite the fact that now any mobile phone can record speech, a full-fledged voice recorder in most cases is much more useful and convenient. Today, a huge range of models from major manufacturers – Sony, Ritmix, Olympus and so on-is available for sale. These brands produce really high-quality and functional devices.

The best manufacturers of tape recorders

Voice recorders are often perceived as highly specialized devices. But in fact, it is now easy to find a model that meets the requirements of any person – an ordinary student, a Manager in a large company, or a journalist. Almost every major manufacturer of home appliances and electronics has various devices for recording speech, but customers prefer proven models of well-known brands.

The Japanese company Sony is one of the largest manufacturers of various equipment in the world. All products are traditionally of high quality, and voice recorders are no exception. They are designed to make the audio recording process as efficient and easy as possible for any user. Many models are able to meet the requirements of both professionals and ordinary people in terms of their set of characteristics. In the development process, Sony uses its best practices from the production of smartphones, music centers and compact players.


The Japanese company Olympus, named after the mythical mount Olympus, is known primarily for its cameras, optical devices and specialized equipment for medical and biological research. In 2004, the company was reorganized, so the product range expanded. Voice recorders appeared in the line, which quickly gained popularity around the world. They combine stylish design and high functionality.


The Korean company Ritmix is less popular than other major electronics manufacturers, but in certain segments it occupies a strong position. First of all, it specializes in portable equipment. This includes mp3 players, tablets, headphones, e-books, and voice recorders. The brand’s products attract attention primarily due to their affordable price.

Rating of the best voice recorders for recording

Category place product name price
Best budget voice recorders up to 5000 rubles 1 Ritmix RR-650 4 Gb 1990 RUBLES.
2 Sony ICD-PX333
3 Olympus VN-731PC 3590 RUBLES.
Best voice recorders for value for money 1 Sony ICD-TX650 7385 RUBLES.
2 Olympus VP-10 6139 RUBLES.
3 Sony ICD-UX533
Best professional voice recorders 1 Tascam DR-05 7,100 RUBLES.
2 Zoom H5 15,600 RUBLES.
3 Zoom H1 7290 rubles.

Rating of the best inexpensive voice recorders up to 5000 rubles

Ritmix RR-650 4 Gb

9 best voice recorders based on user reviews

The Ritmix RR-650 4 Gb low-cost voice recorder is an entry-level model with a basic set of features. If you need a simple recording device at an affordable price, then this option is perfect for solving basic tasks.

The battery supports up to 11 hours of continuous recording in mp3 format. for convenience, there is an LCD display that displays basic information – a list of audio files, battery charge, operating modes, and so on. The voice recorder is equipped with a USB interface, so you can connect it to your computer at any time to charge or save files. The quality of recorded audio is not at the highest level, as evidenced by the presence of a single recording channel.


easy to manage, delete files directly.

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