Euro covers for sofas

Euro covers are designed to protect furniture from wear and contamination. Also, this product can be used to update the bored sofa upholstery. There is a huge selection of different models on sale, so every buyer will undoubtedly find their own product.

Euro covers for sofas

What are Euro covers?

Euro covers for sofas

Euro cover is a special material designed to protect the surface of sofas and update them without investing a lot of money. It is a highly elastic and durable cover that can be easily stretched over any furniture. The material takes the form of an interior item.

There are different types of Euro covers for sofas:

  • For straight sofas, you should purchase universal models with symmetry.
  • For corner sofas, the product is divided into two parts, depending on the direction of the sides. As a rule, their size is 5 m in length. It is also recommended to measure the width with protrusions and take into account the number of seats.
  • On sofas with armrests, special patterns are used, according to which the product is sewn to order.
  • On sofas without armrests. They can be designed for 2 or 3 seats. Euro covers for such models are presented on an elastic band, in order to ensure easy stretching.
  • With a frill at the bottom. These models have a wide range of colors and are able to elegantly harmonize with any interior.

Advantages and disadvantages

Euro covers for sofas

In addition to the fact that Euro covers for sofas, without a doubt, prolong the life of furniture, we can highlight other main advantages of this product:

  • A wide range of models. You can choose a Cape for absolutely any room with different designs. You can also choose a hypoallergenic fabric that will protect customers from unpleasant irritations.
  • Large selection of colors and designs.
  • Universal application.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Affordable price (from 2,500 to 12,000 rubles).
  • Prevention of wool, stains on the main upholstery of the sofa.
  • Protection from scratches that can put Pets.
  • Concealment of defects on the native upholstery of the sofa.
  • Updating the boring interior.
  • The closure of the joints of the sofa.

As you can see, Euro covers have quite a lot of advantages, but like any product, there are a number of disadvantages:

  • A model that is too cheap is short-lived.
  • It is necessary to take into account other interior items in order to choose a harmonious Euro cover.
  • It is necessary to remove the cover every time the sofa is disassembled or assembled. However, for book sofas, there are types of models that you can not remove.

We also remind you that when buying a eurocheck, you can easily save money for the purchase of new interior items and save the saved funds for more pleasant moments, such as a vacation.

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