TOP 13 best freestanding dishwashers of the year, technical specifications, pros and cons, customer reviews

TOP 13 best freestanding dishwashers of the year, technical specifications, pros and cons, customer reviewsMost people think that the differences between free-standing and built-in dishwashers are insignificant.

However, in practice, after understanding the technical characteristics of these two types of dishwashers, you can see specific differences.

Built-in appliances are more practical and versatile in terms of ventilation and thermal insulation.

This applies to any equipment where heating takes place, which provides for an increase in the water temperature.

When manufacturing freestanding dishwashers, such technological solutions are not provided.This is due to the fact that they are not covered by a furniture facade, and can be installed on any free area of the kitchen.

Rating of the TOP 13 best freestanding dishwashers of 2021

Place Full name Price
TOP 5 narrow freestanding dishwashers (45 cm)
1 Bosch Serie 2 SPS25FW11R
2 Candy CDP 2L952 W
3 Midea MFD45S500
4 Hotpoint-Ariston HSFC 3M19 C
5 HIBERG F48 1030 W
TOP 5 full-size freestanding dishwashers
1 Bosch Serie 4 SMS44GI00R
2 Electrolux ESF 9526 LOX
3 Hotpoint-Ariston HFC 3C26
4 Indesit DFG 26B10
5 Indesit DFG 15B10
TOP 3 compact freestanding dishwashers under the sink
1 Candy CDCP 8/E
2 Weissgauff TDW 4017 D
3 Hotpoint-Ariston HCD 662

Advantages and disadvantages of freestanding dishwashers

Free-standing dishwashers can be characterized by a number of advantages, such as:

  • Cleaning efficiency. The dishwasher will help you quickly deal with both fresh dirt and old ones equally effectively.
  • Save resources. Using a car is primarily about saving money. Having bought such equipment, you will immediately notice less water and electricity consumption, compared to manual washing. In addition, the car will save you time, which is also important.
  • To Youyou don’t have to stand around and control the process in order not to flood your apartment, and not to “wash away” the neighbors ‘ repairs. Modern dishwashers are equipped with automatic water blocking immediately after washing and drying. The AQUASTOP function is active even when the equipment is idle.
  • Moreno need to worry that the child will accidentally click something, and the device will fail. Almost all models have a child protection function.

Unfortunately, free-standing dishwashers have not only positive aspects, but also negative ones:

  • to extend the service life of the dishwasher, the parts must be cleaned regularly;
  • for the car, you need to buy special detergents, which entails an additional expense;
  • do not wash copper, tin, or wood products in the dishwasher, and it is also undesirable to wash Antiques or particularly valuable items in it, in order to avoid deformation.

TOP 13 best freestanding dishwashers of the year, technical specifications, pros and cons, customer reviews

Which is better-built-in or detached?

Comparing a built-in and freestanding dishwasher, you can definitely say that they are no better or worse than each other.

When choosing such equipment, first of all, you should consider the installation location.

Also, free-standing machines are a great option for kitchens with a large square shape, where there is enough space to put appliances.

TOP 13 best freestanding dishwashers of the year, technical specifications, pros and cons, customer reviews

How to choose and what to pay attention to?

Just before buying a dishwasher, consider such important points as:

  • capacity of the dish box. The maximum capacity of dishwashers is 14 full sets of dishes, the minimum is 3-4. The capacity is selected depending on the number of people in the family and the frequency of use of equipment. The more people in the family – the larger should be the dimensions of the box;
  • water consumption. On average, the equipment consumes 7-10 liters of water per washing cycle, depending on the selected washing program and the dimensions of the device;
  • energy efficiency class. Do not ignore this parameter, as it is what determines the size of your utility bill. The best option for marking this parameter is A, a+, and a++.

Pay attention to the control panel.It can be open type, located on the front side of the car facade and closed, and located inside, at the upper end of the door.

TOP 13 best freestanding dishwashers of the year, technical specifications, pros and cons, customer reviews

Another important point when choosing a dishwasher is its functionality.

Each model of a proven manufacturer with high-quality Assembly and good characteristics should have at least 5 basic modes for washing dishes:

  • economical– a mode that consumers use almost every day. It is ideal for low to medium degree of contamination of utensils. A characteristic feature of the mode is rinsing at a temperature of 35 degrees, washing – at 50. This mode will help you save all your resources and expenses to the maximum;
  • delicate– suitable for washing glass, porcelain and other types of fragile products. Water temperature during rinsing – 55 degrees, during washing-40;
  • intensive suitable for old and heavily soiled Cutlery and crockery. Temperature range 65-70 degrees;
  • automatic. Its efficient operation is due to the presence of special sensors that will independently determine the degree of contamination of dishes and choose the best mode option for its perfect cleaning. A characteristic feature of the program is the water temperature from 45 to 65 degrees;
  • fast– the best option for dishes with “fresh” dirt, or to give the dishes “freshness” before serving the table.

Modern dishwashers manufacturers often equip with two additional modes:

  • night mode– mode with minimal noise during operation;
  • half load– ability to turn on the equipment without fully loading it.
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