TOP 15 best steel radiators for heating: rating 2021, including tubular, panel and bottom-connected radiators for private homes

TOP 15 best steel radiators for heating: rating 2021, including tubular, panel and bottom-connected radiators for private homesAluminum and steel radiators were replaced by bimetallic ones — a modern and improved model of a heating device that can be used both in an apartment and in a private house.

This is not just following fashion — in European countries such models have been used for decades – but a conscious choice of the best and better product.

Rating of the TOP 15 best steel radiators of 2021

Place Full name Price
TOP 3 best bimetallic radiators in the price / quality ratio
1 STOUT Space 500
2 Royal Thermo Indigo Super 500
3 Rifar SUPReMO 500
TOP 3 best bimetallic radiators with bottom connection
1 Royal Thermo PianoForte Tower
2 Rifar Base Ventil 500
3 Rifar Monolit Ventil 500
TOP 3 best bimetallic radiators with side connection
1 Royal Thermo Biliner 350
2 Royal Thermo BiLiner 500
3 Royal Thermo Vittoria+ 500
TOP 3 best bimetallic radiators for 10 sections
1 STOUT Space 500 x 10
2 Royal Thermo BiLiner 500 x 10
3 Global STYLE EXTRA 500 x 10
TOP 3 best bimetallic radiators for 12 sections
1 STOUT Space 500 x 12
2 Royal Thermo BiLiner 500 x 12
3 Royal Thermo PianoForte 500 x 12

How to choose and what to pay attention to?

  • Monolithic is better in terms of characteristics: even strong water shocks are not terrible for it, it can withstand the huge pressure of the coolant, there can be no unpleasant leaks between the blocks, and its service life — just imagine! — 100 years old. However, you will not be able to reduce or add sections at will, and the price tag for such models will be very high.
  • Sectional sections are cheaper and allow you to choose the number of sections yourself.
  • The standard distance between the lower and upper collector is from 200 to 800 mm.. Sizes starting from 800 mm need to be ordered individually, and 200 mm ones are rarely found on the market.
  • When choosing a company, it is important not to lose money. The most reliable ones are the following: Royal, Global, Rifar, Sira, and STOUT. It should be remembered that European brands are distinguished by high quality materials and Assembly, but they can not always be adapted to Russian heating networks.
  • For some models, the frame consists entirely of steel, for others, only the channels through which boiling water flows are reinforced with steel. The first option is more reliable and better, such radiators do not leak and do not suffer from corrosion. But the second ones have higher heat transfer and lower cost.

TOP 15 best steel radiators for heating: rating 2021, including tubular, panel and bottom-connected radiators for private homes

Best bimetallic radiators in the price / quality ratio

STOUT Space 500

Domestic and high-quality product at an affordable price. It consists of 12 sections, which areTOP 15 best steel radiators for heating: rating 2021, including tubular, panel and bottom-connected radiators for private homesthey are attached to the wall.

The model is available only in white. Possible connection type-side, elements for installation must be purchased additionally.

Center distance-500 mm, maximum operating temperature-135 °C. The maximum power is 744-2604 watts.

The maximum working pressure is 20 bar. The connection diameter is 1 inch. One section contains 500 ml of water. The compression pressure is 30 bar.

Technical specifications:

  • Weight: 6.2-22.4 kg;
  • WxHxD: 320 (1120)x561x90 mm;
  • Number of sections: from 4 to 14.


  • high-quality top coat;
  • cheap ones;
  • high heat output;
  • it can be used in standard heating systems.


  • spending on additional components.

Royal Thermo Indigo Super 500

Cheap, but good quality model, by the way: the first in the Royal line with a depth ofTOP 15 best steel radiators for heating: rating 2021, including tubular, panel and bottom-connected radiators for private homes100 mm.

Reliable and durable, water quality is undemanding (that’s why it is so convenient for residents of high-rise buildings).

Heat in the home distributes evenly, creating a comfortable microclimate.

The upper part of the section is specially ribbed, protected from the inside by an embedded ABSOLUTBIMETALL element.

The cover is eco-friendly, the collector is made of steel, heat goes in a wide and powerful flow throughout the room.

The case itself does not heat up much, so you can safely put the radiator in the children’s bedroom.

Technical specifications:

  • Weight: 1,93-of 23.16 kg;
  • WxHxD: 80 (960)x585x100 mm;
  • Number of sections: from 1 to 12;
  • Highest operating pressure: 30 bar.


  • it looks beautiful externally;
  • decent heat output;
  • great guarantee;
  • well painted;
  • protected from water impacts.


  • I come across curved section shapes;
  • available only in white.

Rifar SUPReMO 500

Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technologies and on the basis of new technical solutionsTOP 15 best steel radiators for heating: rating 2021, including tubular, panel and bottom-connected radiators for private homesfor this reason, the SUPReMO 500 model was developed — a monolithic and reliable design, in which there are no areas at risk of leakage..

Corrosion resistance is high, as well as operational characteristics. There are no sharp corners, which makes the radiator safe for children.

Universal and suitable for any type of connection, can be used not only water as a coolant, but also oil and antifreeze.

The permissible volume of water in the section is 0.22 liters. Specially applied pressure is 45 bar.

The radiator power is 1010 watts.

Technical specifications:

  • Total of 5 sections;
  • The weight of the radiator 11 kg;
  • Parameters: 400x575x90 mm.


  • it fits perfectly into any interior;
  • they are easy to wash;
  • it doesn’t leak;
  • they warm up well.


  • the high cost;
  • they transmit sounds too well.

Best bimetallic radiators with bottom connection

Royal Thermo PianoForte Tower

For some users, this unit resembles a skyscraper floating in the air: beforeTOP 15 best steel radiators for heating: rating 2021, including tubular, panel and bottom-connected radiators for private homesits appearance is unusual.

Each centimeter of the unit is heated, suitable for both residential and non-residential premises.

It is sold in 2 color options: Silver Satin( silver), Noir Sable (black) and Bianco Traffico (snow white). There are additional fins for each section. Heat transfer is high.

Designed for high pressure applications. Qualitatively painted, the coating is used safe from the point of view of ecology.

Mounting brackets are included. Easily fits into any interior.

Technical specifications:

  • Weight: 13.2-48.4 kg.
  • Dimensions: 591×480 (1760)X100 mm;
  • Number of sections: 6-22 elements.


  • plenty of power;
  • the original design;
  • option for a room without a window sill and for end apartments;
  • steel collector.


  • eyeliner is only possible from the bottom;
  • expensive ones.

Rifar Base Ventil 500

Powerful and inexpensive radiator for residential and administrative premises. Water supply line —TOP 15 best steel radiators for heating: rating 2021, including tubular, panel and bottom-connected radiators for private homeslower and only on the right side.

The level of heat transfer is high enough to heat a large room. Channels for the heat carrier are made of steel. The radiator has 4 sections, the center distance is 500 mm.

Water in the section — 0.2 liters.

It is allowed to use both the lower node and single connecting valves (taking into account the system configuration).

The kit includes: 1 Mayevsky faucet, 2 plugs, a pair of adapters, 1 spring valve and 1 thermostatic valve.

Leaks are eliminated due to the unique type of welding.

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: 570x100x320;
  • Weight: 7.68 kg;
  • Heat output: 816 watts.


  • affordable prices;
  • they warm up your home well;
  • classic style;
  • well painted.


  • connection — lower level only;
  • the thermostatic controller must be ordered separately.

Rifar Monolit Ventil 500

The latest patented development with high technical characteristics.TOP 15 best steel radiators for heating: rating 2021, including tubular, panel and bottom-connected radiators for private homesThe structure is non-collapsible, there are no potentially dangerous areas. The developed geometry of heat transfer surfaces has high heat transfer.

Available to order.

The width of the section is 80 mm. There are up to 14 sections in total. The volume of liquid used is 0.21 liters.

It is allowed to fill antifreeze in a standard heating system.

In addition to the thermostatic valve and pressure reducing nipples, the kit includes plugs, an upper flow distributor and a Mayevsky tap. Sealing of the connection-euroconus.

Technical specifications:

  • Weight: from 8 to 28 kg;
  • Parameters: 320(1120) x577x100 mm.


  • the quality of the surface of the radiator;
  • attractive appearance;
  • reliable.


  • there is no mounting kit.

Best bimetallic radiators with side connection

Royal Thermo Biliner 350

The uniqueness of this unit is in the aerodynamic design, which looks like a wingTOP 15 best steel radiators for heating: rating 2021, including tubular, panel and bottom-connected radiators for private homesthe plane.

This is not just a stylish move to attract attention: this design allowed to increase not only heat transfer (171 W from each section), but also efficiency by as much as 5%.

The buyer is offered 3 color solutions: black, white and silver.

FUTURA AKZONOBEL design paint allows you to preserve the original appearance of the heater throughout its entire service life.

The special HeatDinamic technology ensures maximum heat transfer, while the ratio of radiant and convector heating is 50/50.

Manufacturer’s warranty — 50 years. The material is resistant to corrosion. Sections can be installed from 4 to 12.

Technical specifications:

  • Weight: 5.76-17.28 kg;
  • Dimensions: 320(960) x424 x87 mm;
  • Section width: 80 mm.


  • painted with eco-friendly and highly resistant paint;
  • you can choose a color option for any design decision;
  • increased efficiency;
  • affordable;
  • shock-resistant.


  • air entering the pipe provokes the appearance of rust.

Royal Thermo BiLiner 500

One of the cheapest options, with, however, quite good characteristics. Warranty forTOP 15 best steel radiators for heating: rating 2021, including tubular, panel and bottom-connected radiators for private homesthe price is solid-25 years, modest design, compactness-these are some of the trumps of this model.

It warms well with an upward flow of heat. Easily disassembled into sections and installed, easy to transport.

Dust does not accumulate, easy to wash. Each section weighs no more than 2 kg, which allows you to easily move it from place to place.

The RAL 9016 coating does not acquire a yellow tint over time, and is not covered with cracks due to temperature changes..

The material is resistant to corrosion, and it is also not afraid of an aggressive coolant. You can choose a model based on the characteristics of the room. The volume of water in the section is 0.205 liters.

Technical specifications:

  • Weight: 1.85-25.9 kg;
  • Width: 80-120mm;
  • Thickness: 87 mm;
  • Height: 574 mm.


  • low price;
  • heat transfer at a decent level;
  • good build;
  • easy installation.


  • poor coverage quality;
  • the taps at the outlet and inlet are very hot.

Royal Thermo Vittoria+ 500

Fast heating of housing and protection from draughts-that’s what the manufacturer offers RoyalTOP 15 best steel radiators for heating: rating 2021, including tubular, panel and bottom-connected radiators for private homesThermo Vittoria+ 500.

The aerodynamic design and special shape of the fins allow you to use two heating options to choose from: convective and radiant. The collector is made by Inox RG technology from stainless steel.

On each connecting nut there is a raised protrusion that tightly presses the gasket and provides additional protection against leaks..

Wall brackets are included: they allow you to easily install the radiator without the involvement of a master.

The coating is eco-friendly and does not change color even after prolonged use. Additional shut-off valves can be installed. The joints are sealed.

Technical specifications:

  • Weight: 1.65-19.8 kg;
  • Thickness: 87 mm;
  • Height: 560 mm;
  • Width: 80-960mm;


  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • corrosion is rarely observed;
  • stylish appearance;
  • good heat dissipation;
  • long-term warranty.


  • side connection only.

Best bimetallic radiators for 10 sections

STOUT Space 500 x10

Compact heating device with side connection, which is mounted on the wall.TOP 15 best steel radiators for heating: rating 2021, including tubular, panel and bottom-connected radiators for private homesManufactured using injection molding technology. Painting is carried out in 2 stages by the antifreeze method.

The manufacturer emphasizes that this model is ideal for Russian conditions and heating systems of various premises: both residential and industrial.

The distance between the axes is 50 cm, the excess pressure is 20 ATM. The side ribs are not cut, the coating is anti-corrosion, the hydrogen pH is from 7 to 8.

The hydraulic resistance is low, and the special geometry of the nipple joints and gaskets provides increased tightness.

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: 800x90x561;
  • Thermal power: 1810 watts;
  • Maximum operating temperature: 135 °C.


  • heat output at altitude;
  • good build;
  • tightness;
  • price.


  • components need to be searched separately.

Royal Thermo BiLiner 500 x10

One of the most popular heating radiators with an interesting design, whichTOP 15 best steel radiators for heating: rating 2021, including tubular, panel and bottom-connected radiators for private homesfully meets all the declared characteristics.

The design is reliable, and the injection molding method was used in the manufacture.

Materials-aluminum and steel. The core is steel, which allows the radiator to work even in high-pressure conditions, and aluminum increases heat transfer.

The paint is safe for humans and the surrounding world, applied in 2 layers, protects the unit from mechanical damage and corrosion.

The model is available in 3 colors: black, white and pearl gray. It is attached to the wall. The maximum power of the device in operation mode is 1710 watts.

Technical specifications:

  • Weight: 18.5 kg;
  • Section width: 80 mm;
  • Dimensions: 574x800x87 mm.


  • good build;
  • it warms up a medium-sized apartment well;
  • easy to clean from dust and dirt;
  • easy installation.


  • buyers often indicate a defect on the thread.

Global STYLE EXTRA 500 x10

Everything is perfect in this model: European design, compact slim body,TOP 15 best steel radiators for heating: rating 2021, including tubular, panel and bottom-connected radiators for private homesguaranteed safety and maximum possible heat transfer.

The protective layer applied to the steel makes the unit insensitive to external stimuli and changes in the composition of the coolant.

In addition to water, it is allowed to use oil, steam, and antifreeze. Center distance — 500 mm.

Operating pressure – up to 3.5 MPa (35 ATM.). It can be installed on any floor of both a residential and administrative building.

The thread is protected by special plugs made of thick plastic.

The service life is 10 years. The temperature of the coolant is up to 110 C.


  • excellent coverage;
  • stylish in appearance;
  • high-quality manufacturing;
  • long warranty period.


  • not the lowest price.

Best bimetallic radiators for 12 sections

STOUT Space 500 x12

It is characterized by small weight and size indicators and higher heat transferTOP 15 best steel radiators for heating: rating 2021, including tubular, panel and bottom-connected radiators for private homesmedium, as well as long service life.

The main feature of this model is the increased core diameter, so that at high values (pressure and temperature) the radiator works flawlessly.

It is resistant to pressure surges in the system. Classic strict design allows you to fit this heater into any design decision.

Great for heating small spaces.

The maximum operating temperature is 135 °C. The volume of water in the section is 0.20 liters. In operation mode, it can withstand a maximum of 20 bar.

The distance from the inlet to the outlet pipe of the radiator is 500 mm.

Technical specifications:

  • It weighs almost 20 kg;
  • Number of sections: 12;
  • Height: 561 mm;
  • Width: 960 mm;
  • Thickness: 90 mm.


  • increased heat removal area;
  • anti-corrosion coating;
  • affordable price;
  • easy to find in the store.


  • there are no components for installation.

Royal Thermo BiLiner 500 x12

Safe and reliable appliance for the bedroom or office. This model has a stylishTOP 15 best steel radiators for heating: rating 2021, including tubular, panel and bottom-connected radiators for private homesaerodynamic design and small size, but the heat output is quite high, which creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere in the apartment the Collector is made of high-quality steel.

Hydraulic shocks during the system check of this model are not terrible. Their crimping pressure is 45 bar.

The guarantee is given for 25 years. The radiator warms up in a matter of minutes, warms evenly.

Convection is felt physically even at a distance from the device. Cold seasons “works out” perfectly.

Easy installation, fasteners included.

Technical specifications:

  • Weight: 22.2 kg;
  • Section width: 80 mm;
  • Height: 574 mm.


  • discreet design;
  • affordable price;
  • good power ratings;
  • the small thickness;
  • reliability.


  • often models are poorly painted.

Royal Thermo PianoForte 500 x12

This model is most convenient to install under a window without a window sill, since the jet of heatedTOP 15 best steel radiators for heating: rating 2021, including tubular, panel and bottom-connected radiators for private homesthe air goes up.

The model is presented in several colors. The connection is lateral. Installing additional taps will allow you to adjust the temperature yourself.

Heat is distributed evenly throughout the housing, there are convective ” Windows». Weighs within the normal range, long service life.

The core is made of steel. The aluminum part of the radiator does not come into contact with the heat carrier, due to which the radiator serves for a long time.

3 colors: gray, snow white and graphite. Liquids in the section — 0.20 liters. The compression pressure is 45 bar.

Technical specifications:

  • It weighs 24.6 kg;
  • Section width: 80 mm;
  • Thickness: 100mm;
  • Height: 591 mm.


  • stylish design;
  • ease of installation;
  • affordable prices;
  • strong coating.


  • users complain about noise;
  • the heat output does not correspond to the declared value.

Types of bimetallic radiators

By design, radiators are divided into sectional and monolithic. Sectional doors give the buyer the opportunity to choose the number of sections themselves.

Joints are sealed with gaskets made of heat-resistant rubber.

They require a special mode of use, since the joints of the components are destroyed over time.

The heat exchange area is large. Monolithic, i.e. solid, structures can withstand much higher hydrostatic pressure and last longer (up to 50 years).

One section is capable of delivering 100-200 watts.

Cases in such models are cast entirely, then pressure treatment and applying a layer of aluminum to the steel frame. They are more expensive than sectional ones.

Advantages and disadvantages of bimetallic radiators


  • Good heat dissipation and maximum operating pressure.
  • Reducing the quality of the coolant is not a problem for them.
  • The service life of such units is several decades.
  • Due to the steel core, the system is not afraid of even strong hydraulic shocks.
  • Corrosion processes for bimetallic radiators are not terrible.
  • The response of such a thermostat is very fast.
    They look very attractive in appearance: they are made not in a boring white color, but in a multi-colored scale, and they are also covered with an additional protective layer on top.
  • Installing them is very easy, thanks to a well-thought-out connection system.


  • You will have to pay a high price for such a radiator: much higher than for a device made of aluminum or cast iron. However, it will pay off quickly.
  • The cross-sectional area of a bimetallic radiator is slightly smaller than its analogues, which reduces heat exchange (but not much).
  • The hydraulic resistance is higher, which means that more power is required to pump water through the system.

Which company should I choose?

The most popular ones on the modern market are:

  • Italian: Fondital, Global, Sira, Royal Thermo. Italy is the birthplace of bimetallic radiators, and still stands out among competitors with the ability to create not just a high-quality, but also an aesthetically attractive product. The section costs about a thousand rubles, design developments are much more expensive, but you can also fit such a radiator into any, even the most “sophisticated”, interior.
  • Russian: Rifar, STOUT. A high place in the world ranking is occupied due to the applied method of contact-butt welding and the ability to withstand extremely high temperatures.
  • Polish: REGULUS-system. The price tag is low, and the quality is excellent.
  • South Korean and Chinese companies. Excellent value for money.

Aluminum or bimetallic radiator – which is better?

Aluminum ones:

  • do not have a core;
  • they are made of the same metal;
  • heat transfer is 15-20% higher;
  • they have less weight and are easier to install;
  • serve for 20-25 years;
  • if the pH level in the water rises, corrosion occurs, but gradually
  • they thin out and start leaking;
  • they are unstable to high pressure;
  • they do not tolerate the lack of coolant at the time of its discharge.


  • dear ones;
  • operation is also possible at high humidity temperatures;
  • they can withstand pressure up to 24 atmospheres;
  • the quality of the heat carrier (pH fluctuations and unfavorable environment) is practically independent;
  • staunchly take a hammering;
  • resistant to corrosion;
  • if air gets into the pipe, rust will appear;
  • they are plastic.

In a high-rise building, it is better to put bimetallic ones.

Steel or bimetallic-what should I choose?

Steel batteries have quite a few fans. And this is not surprising: they look stylish, easy to install, and have above-average heat transfer.

The cost is also low. However, the parameters of the working pressure are so low that they cannot withstand water shocks, even of medium power (only the working pressure of the boiler room can “shoulder” them), and they are subject to corrosion.

In addition, they are not covered with a protective paint coating on the outside, which means that they do not have rust protection on the outside.

Bimetallic units do not interfere with a barometric load of up to 40 ATM, so they are not afraid of pressure surges. They warm better than others, practically do not accumulate lime on the walls, they are light, they serve for a long time.

You can compose sections and select the desired number.

As you can see, both the first and second advantages are approximately equal. If the buyer has money — they will prefer to choose bimetallic radiators.

Construction companies also prioritize steel ones, as they are cheaper.

Cast iron or bimetallic – which one should I choose?

Cast iron is a classic that was popular in Soviet times. It cools down for a long time (and transfers heat longer), is resistant to aggressive liquids and abrasive particles, and can be painted to your heart’s content. But it will take a long time for the cast-iron battery to warm up properly.

Bimetallic units are more modern in appearance, reliable and easy to install.

For high-quality work, they need very little water. But the service life of the radiator depends on its quality, and here it should be noted that carrying out repairs in the summer (specifically, draining the coolant) often leads to a decrease in service life.

In this case, everything depends on the financial side of the issue: if you have money to repair the heating system, choose bimetallic ones.

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